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Music Studio Productions is excited to announce Volume 1 of our new album series Christian Melodies.

The Lord finally allowed us to finish and although it’s not as long as we had hoped, we decided to publish what we had as Christian Melodies Volume 1. We plan to record new volumes as the Lord allows. 

When checking out, add the code: 2FOR20 in the promo code box as a thank you for your patience

The Caleb Darling Family CD
how beautiful his love

Greetings and Happy 2019 Brethren!


    I pray all is well. The challenge of writing a newsletter is to fit everything you want to say in a few short paragraphs so as not to put your readers to sleep. I will do my best to fit the highlights of 4 years into Reader’s Digest form. This is my first attempt, so please bear with me. For starters, my name is Jonathan Hazard. Most of you know my father, Lonnie Hazard, missionary to the Philippines. From reading my family’s newsletters, you probably know that I stayed back in our home state of Minnesota when my family came to the US on furlough in March of 2015.

It was a blessing to meet a lot of you for the second or third time and get a chance to make new friends in the churches...