Music has always been a central part of my family. 
I was blessed with Godly parents who wanted to instill
in me a strong desire to please the Lord and use my talents
 for His pleasure. I wouldn't be playing a violin today 
without the vision and perseverance of my mother.
For my 5th birthday my parents bought me a violin
and found a teacher. I dreaded every day that I was
made to practice. My arms and fingers would be so sore
I cried. I couldn't stand practicing scales and playing songs over and over, but my mother would say, "Keep practicing. One day you'll thank me for it." And now I do. Thank you mom!
    When my family moved to the Philippines as missionaries in 2008 I began to appreciate the many hours my parents forced me to practice my instruments. My three siblings and I enjoyed hours of fun playing music together and with anyone who would come to visit. I was able to play piano and violin in our church orchestra for services and even taught a few of the young kids to play violin. By God's grace, I was able to use my musical talent for His glory and share my new found love for music with anyone willing to listen. 
     The Lord blessed me with the special opportunity to visit many churches across North America in 2015 while on furlough with my family. I believe God's people are hungry for music. The sad part is that it's not always easy to come by, so they fill the void with music of the world. It's my desire to produce and inspire people to play and listen to music that is pleasing to the Lord. 

Jonathan Hazard's Testimony 

Caleb Darling's Testimony 

     While growing up, the Lord blessed me by allowing

me to be raised in a household that listened to good

classical music and went to a church that sang the

old hymns. I didn’t realize how blessed I was until I

started piano lessons at the age of 8. I found how

much easier it was to pick up piano when my mind

had not been trashed by this worlds music. I continued

taking lessons until the age of 18. 

     Through the years my love for music has progressed, and I thank the Lord for surrounding me with family and friends who not only loved the same music but had a talent for it, and a desire to use it for the Lord. Starting with piano as a basis was a huge launching pad to picking up other instruments. When I was 16, a man in my home church gave me an extremely nice guitar that he said was free of charge as long as I used it for the glory of God, which has been my desire ever since. 

     After graduating high school, the Lord allowed me to attend Pensacola Bible Institute. It was there that the Lord allowed me to be involved in many different kinds of musical groups and come in contact with musicians, which, once again, were not just talented, but were aspiring to use this talent for the Lord. 

     Since then, the Lord has blessed me with a good, godly wife who also has a passion for using her talent for the Lord in playing piano for our local church. I thank the Lord for His mercy and grace in keeping me clear from the devil's music which has crept into the majority of “Christian” churches.